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Online Thesis

  Title Author Guide University Year
 1 Imagining Equality: Modernity and Social Transformation of Lower Castes in Colonial Kerala Sanal Mohan P Nizar Ahmed 
 2 History of Social Legislation in Travancore State Suresh Kumar P Cherian P J  2003
 3 History as Development Experience Desegregated and Deconstructed Analysis of Kerala Michael Tharakan P K Rajan Gurukkal  1997
 4 Making of the Past in South India Historian's Craft under Colonialism Vijayalakshmi C Rajan Gurukkal  2003        
 5 New Social Movements in the Third World: The case of Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad Mohan Kumar K Ramakrishnan A K  2005
 6 Panchayati Raj Institutions and Rural Development of Kerala Icy K John Abraham George  2006
 7 Political Economy of Educational Initiatives in Kerala James M S Joseph A Thomas   2005
 8 Political Economy of Participatory Development James P J Seethi K M  2004
 9 Political Identities In History Alex Mathew Dr. Raju S  2008
 10 The Impact of the Press on the Political Developments of Kerala(1957 - 59) Mathew Y Maharajan M  2000
 11 The Untouchables and their Struggle for Temple Entry in Kerala, Since 1920 Sivathambika E L Varghese C J  1991
 12 Historicizing Manipravalam: Textualizing the History of Kerala Siby JamesDr. P.P Raveendran
 13 Making of the Past in South India Historian's Craft under Colonialism Vijayalakshmi C Dr. Rajan Gurukkal
 14 A BRIEF History OF THE PULAYAS OF KERALA. (Thesis: Labour Participation and Social Mobility among the Pulaya Women of Rural Kerala ) Ashly Mathew Dr. Jose Kuriedath
 15 Megaliths in Kasargod: Understanding and unexplored region Jayashree Nair KRaghava Variar M R  2008
 16 Political Identities In History Alex Mathew Raju S  2008
 17 Property Relations and Family Forms in Colonial Keralam Susan Thomas Rajan Gurukkal  2004