Student Seminar Series

The Department organizes a Weekly Seminar Series to provide the Post Graduate students of History opportunity to present their well-prepared assignments before a large gathering consisting of the students from all semesters and teachers of the Department. The seminar is arranged and led by the students themselves and is organized extremely formally with one of the students presiding over the function. The student-scholar presents the paper which is followed by comments and criticisms from the part of a few pre-fixed discussants. Other students also will have the opportunity to raise questions. The student scholar responds to the comments later.


  1. To provide every student opportunity to present a paper in a conference-like function.
  2. To initiate debates among students.
  3. To nurture in them ability to develop own viewpoints and arguments.
  4. To help develop in them communication skills.
  5. To update knowledge in various topics under study.

Sl. No Name Class Topic Date
 1 Shameer P.N IV Sem Decolonisation     4 Aug 2010
 2 Mansoor.KVM IV sem Umayyad Administration    16 Aug 2010
 3 Rumana.K IV Sem Positivism    3 Sept 2010
 4 Abdul Rashid.K
 IV Sem
 Sufism    6 Sept 2010
 5 Shifanath TK
 IV Sem
 Cultural Symbiosis
  14 Sept 2010
 6     Ummusalma KK
 IV Sem
 Panchayathiraj System
 20 Sept 2010
 7     Sadirban P
 IV Sem Arab Contribution to Science    
 22 Sept 2010
 8 Soumya K                            
 IV Sem Transition From Ancient to Medieval
 5 Oct 2010
 9 Deepa PV
 IV Sem Prophet Muhammed
 5 Oct 2010