Research Methodology Series

The Department organizes lectures and workshops in order to help the students in preparing their Dissertations. Experts on research methodology give coaching classes especially on areas like selecting themes for research, collection of data, conducting field work and interviews, drafting the thesis, etc. Starting from the third semester with simple one-hour lectures meant to initiate students to the field of research, the programme continues through the fourth semester with elaborate workshops designed to orient them in the craft of dissertation-construction.


  1. To get the students familiarize with the various theoretical and methodological issues involved in historical research.
  2. To direct them to select the most appropriate and socially relevant topics for study and research.
  3. To train them in the complex methods of historical research, especially in the collection and processing of study data.
  4. To orient them in the craft of thesis writing – chapterization, laying footnotes, preparing bibliography and glossary, etc.
  5. To enable them to prepare articles and papers out of their research work for getting them published in standard journals.