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Working Paper Series

The Department has been publishing Working Papers since 2006 mainly with a view to announce the results of the research work undertaken by the members of the faculty. Each paper is released in an academic function attended by a notable historian. The papers are brought in for discussion by circulating them among colleges and universities which are having Post-graduate programmes in History and copies are also sent to major libraries.


  1. To present the research findings of the faculty before the academic world for debate and discussion.
  2. To encourage research among members of the faculty.
  3. To encourage innovative thinking.
  4. To bring up the Department in the limelight of academic activities.
  5. To promote research and innovative thinking among students.


The idea of publishing a working paper series was first mooted in 2006. It was learnt that the research findings of the faculty members could easily be disseminated among scholars and researchers through a working paper. It was truly inspiring that the first paper itself was received with great enthusiasm. By now seven papers have been published. The first paper was released by Dr. Kesavan Veluthat and the second one by Prof. J.V. Naik during the inaugural function of the Indian History Congress hosted by Farook College in March 2007.

List of Papers 

 Vol.No.                  Author                              Title
 M.P.Mujeebu Rehiman

Merchants and Colonialism: The Case of Chovvakkaran Moosa and the English East India Company

  Dr. M.R.Manmathan

Introspecting Nambutiri Reform in Kerala: Reflections on Ulbuddhakeralam 

 Dr.Manjula Poyil

Funeral Customs among the Malabar Tribes: Towards Acculturation 



 Dr. T. Muhammedali 

Understanding Muslim Reform in Malabar:
A Study of Hidayathul Muslimeen Sabha, Manjeri                    
 Dr. T. Muhammedali
Colonial Knowledge, Nationalism and Representations: Readings from Malabar                                                                    
 Dr. M.R. Manmathan
Temple-entry Agitation and the Nationalist Movement in Kerala


 Dr. C.A. Anaz    
 Pirates, Corsairs, Jungle Mappilas and Fanatics: Representations of Mappila Muslims in Colonial Discourse

      9        Kunhusoopy Methele     Korotharemel             
 Miracles and witchcraft in Ibn Khaldun: Reflections on the Relationship between Knowledge and Society                                                                                                        
     10 Shamli .C.K    
Ships and Shipbuilding in Early South India as Reflected in Sangam Literature