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histosa- Farook College-Department of History, Old Students Association

FOSA (Farook College Old Students Association) organized it's annual Get-Together "Fostalgia" on 15 August 2006 with great success.Old Students and Teachers of history dept. assembled in room no: 24.

Eminent historian Dr.M.G.S.Narayanan inaugurated the function.He recollected his bygone days in the college and later developments in his career and academic pursuit. Former teachers like Profs.Mammu, Mohammed Hassan, AbdulRehiman, Abdusamad Samadani.M.P, Dr.K.T.Muhammadali etc. attended the function.

Mr .Sidhique acted out ishals of "Mappila Ramayana".The meeting passed a resolution requesting the Managers of the educational institutions and the public to keep away from the tendancy of disregard for Social Science and Humanities,which are the sources of human values. Prof. Alassankutty presided over the funtion. Dr.T.Muhammadali offered welcome and Mr.Lukmanul Hakeem.K extended vote of thanks.


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